Elastic, secure, and reliable Cloud infrastructure for both production and DR environments

WHAT IS Leap Oracle on Cloud?

Oracle on Cloud supports any mission-critical application running on Oracle Infrastructure and Oracle Database Platform. We also provide full Managed Services and pay-per-use services.

Oracle license investment will be much lower using Leap pay-per-use Oracle Database Platform. License and computing resource for customer existing Disaster Recovery site can be minimized during normal operation and spin up to the required level during a disaster situation.

Digital transformation with zero capital expenditure. By using Leap pay-per-use Oracle Database Platform, customer can eliminate perpetual license investment and shorten the overall time of the digital transformation process. A new project can be implemented, expanded, and/or removed at any point of business decision without residual sunk investment.


  • Oracle Cloud service delivered by domestic low latency and high bandwidth facilities.
  • Oracle PaaS and IaaS enterprise-grade with pay-per-use scheme.
  • Cloud-native applications development environment.
  • Fully managed service behind firewall.
  • Retain full control over your data software.
  • Conforms to regulatory, privacy, legal, and business requirements.


Oracle on Cloud

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